Mentorship, Coaching & Advisory Service

Over the years Seeds of Africa has seen tremendous growth and development in the entrepreneurs we’ve trained, strengthened by the wholistic support we’ve provided for them with our custom made mentorship, coaching and advisory services.

Combining our understanding of the entrepreneurs engagement and progress with a comprehensive annual impact study and bi-annual surveys that explore our entrepreneurs needs, challenges, suggestions and recommendations. These provide us with important quantitative and qualitative feedback that we use in directing our mentorship, coaching sessions and workshops.

All entrepreneurs attending our training have access to group and one on one personal development, finance, marketing and sales mentorship workshops, coaching sessions as well as business admin, legal and human resource advisory services.

When entrepreneurs require mentors in specific fields of business, National Mentorship Movement  has collaborated with Seeds of Africa to provide experienced  mentors with more specific business guidance.

The combination of training and Customised support is the key to unlocking not only our entrepreneurs’ individual strengths but also developing sustainable businesses that trigger job creation within the informal market.