We have been guided organically to focus mainly on getting the children school ready and to assist the teachers to step more fully into their roles. We facilitate NQF ECD Level 4 training with the teachers as well as facilitate Level 1 & 2 which is perfect for teachers who are not quite ready with either their English language skills or do not perhaps have the required schooling level to attend Level 4.

One of the biggest challenges for the creches in informal settlements, is not having the resources to effectively teach the children and the lack of teacher training to use the resources effectively. We identified the need for a training and resource centre where teachers within our local communities can attend to attain growth from our offerings.

The training and resource centre has everything from books, educational toys, puzzles, educational aids, educational posters and items that are theme specific to the curriculum that can be taken out for a period and returned in a library–like fashion for all creches and teachers to share.

We have found that this not only excites the children as they are constantly being exposed to different learning resources but it has instilled a level of pride in looking after something that is on loan to them.

We also have a selection of recycled materials, buttons, ribbons, wool, bottle tops, pill bottles, toilet rolls, egg trays, mineral water bottles etc that teachers can help themselves to for the children to make craft items at the creche. They are also specifically used for the ECD Level 1 & 2 training.

We are always looking for items to add to our collection in the Resource Centre. Please contact Edlyn Karam or Thandi Monene should you wish to get involved in the Training and Resource Centre or donate much needed resources and reclycable items.

Monthly Teacher Workshops

Principals and Teachers from the creches we support as well as creches in our surrounding community are invited to attend monthly workshops which are held on a Saturday morning for 4 hours.

Some of the topics covered are:

  • Management and administration of the creche
  • Financial Management and Investments
  • Curriculum support
  • Child Safety
  • Self Development
  • Inspirational and Motivational talks
  • How to make teaching aids with recycled material
  • Theme tables
  • Encouraging reading and story telling
  • Nutrition
  • First Aid
  • Fire Safety & Awareness

The workshops are set up a couple of month’s in advance and the topic is often determined by the challenges and obstacles the teachers in the communities may be facing.

The workshops are a highlight of the month for the teachers – we focus on having fun, sharing knowledge and advice, lending an ear and comforting embrace to support them while they deal with tough situations they may be facing – often a problem shared is a problem solved. It is a beautiful platform of encouragement and sharing and brings many hidden challenges into the light.

Courses on offer to teachers/carers

  • NQF ECD Level 4 – affiliation with Teachers Learning Centre – Accredited ECD Training Provider Registration Number 2012/18469/07 (ETDP-SETA Number 10440). Seeds of Africa is partnered with Teachers Learning Centre which is an Accredited ECD Training Provider Registration Number 2012/18469/07 (ETDP-SETA Number 10440) which offers accredited training courses for Early Childhood Development teachers. We are proud to be affiliated with Teachers Learning Centre and share in their passion of empowering teachers and children. We have had very good results from the teachers that are currently attending the training and those that have successfully completed the Level 4 Accredited Training. The difference it has made at the creches is so inspiring.Teachers Learning Centres Vision, Aim and Mission is:
    We recognise the early years as the ideal phase for the passing on of values, such as respect for human rights, appreciation of diversity and tolerance, as well as the love of learning, that are essential for building a peaceful, prosperous and democratic society. Our VISION is that every baby, toddler and young child be assured of the best start in life – their future, and indeed the future of their communities and our nation depends on it.

    Our AIM is prepare interested applicants for a professional career in early childhood development by providing the basic ECD (Early Childhood Development) knowledge and practical skills required to facilitate active learning and development of babies, toddlers and young children in an ECD environment. Our MISSION is to support and promote quality ECD education to ensure that every young South African receives quality ECD services that are accessible and affordable to all families.

    Click here for Teachers Learning Centre’s Prospectus

  • Parenting
  • Courage Child Protection http://www.couragechildprotection.com
  • Toy Training
  • First Aid
  • Level 1 & 2 – Masenze Ikusasa’s Basic skills course for ECD Childcare Workers – this is not an accredited course, but it is widely accepted by accredited training providers as a wonderful stepping stone towards assisting in readiness for Level 4 and perhaps onwards. This is a course filled with more practical application than theory.

Their Mission statement:

  • The organisation’s main objectives are to:
    • Identify and train Day Care workers (Practitioners) caring for young children.
    • Provide a good quality training programme that will empower the practitioner to run a stimulating and educational programme in a safe environment for young children (birth – 6years).
    • Support practitioners in their work places during the course to enable implementation.
  • The organisation’s secondary objectives is to work in collaboration with other organisations that mainly deal with Early Childhood Development and with the Departments of Education and Social Services.
  • We aim to facilitate many other short courses in the future as we grow and evolve with our teachers and the communities.