INCUBATION PHASE of the Seeds of Change Enterprise & Supplier Development Programme:

All businesses in the different phases of the Seeds of Change Programme are required to be >51% black South African owned (as per the BBBEE Codes of Good Practice which include Black, Coloured and Indian.

The focus is on start-up enterprises to SMME level
  • Business needs to be operating for at least 6 months and able to prove this by supplying references of work done.
  • Entrepreneur either attends Micro-MBA Basic Business Course or Siyazakhela Digital Business Literacy Programme
  • Enter into MOU with the entrepreneur to clearly define expectations from both parties
  • Monthly mentorship sessions
  • Access to group and one on one personal development, finance, marketing and sales workshops
  • Access to business admin, legal and human resource advisory services
  • Assess attitude, commitment & level of competency for inclusion in the consolidation stage.
Structured Training

 The ideal progression through our Programme sees the entrepreneur start in the Incubation Phase with one of the two basic business literacy courses the Micro MBA (Managing Business Activities) which consists of the following modules:

  • Market Investigation
  • Using a calculator for business
  • Buying
  • Costing & Pricing
  • Selling
  • Writing a business plan
  • Money Management
  • Stock Control


The Siyazakhela Digital Business Literacy and Life Skills Course consisting of the following modules:

  • Being an Entrepreneur
  • Know Yourself
  • Know your Industry
  • Identify Market Opportunities
  • Innovation
  • Customer Service
  • Money Management
  • Pricing
  • Marketing
  • SMART goals
  • Planning