CONSOLIDATION PHASE of the Seeds of Change Enterprise & Supplier Development Programme:

For the Consolidate Phase the business needs to show an income of at least R10,000.00 per month.

The businesses are required to be >51% black South African owned (as per the BBBEE Codes of Good Practice which include Black, Coloured and Indian.) They are assisted with Compliance and Financial guidance support.

  •  Consolidate and direct the Entrepreneur’s further growth & development through practical interventions identified as areas of growth
  •  Enter into MOU with the entrepreneur to clearly define expectations from both parties
  •  Focus on personal development, finance, marketing & sales mentorship
  •  Access to business admin, legal and human resource advisory services
  •  Access to interest free Seed Capital Loans

In the CONSOLIDATION PHASE there is a deeper focus on the unique business needs and customising a development plan that encompasses intense mentorship, coaching and tracking the entrepreneurs with the following interventions:

    • Personal development –
      • Self awareness – Understanding our Emotions
      • Strengths & Weaknesses
      • Building Self Esteem
    • Financial Management –
      • Income & Expenses
      • Balance Sheet and Income Statement
      • Budgeting
    • Marketing and Sales Workshop – Route/Access to Market
    • Customer Service Workshop
    • Administration Workshop
    • Planning and Organising Workshop
    • Purchasing and Supply Workshop
    • HR Workshop
    • Technical Skills Workshop where relevant
  • Strategic Direction:
    • Business plans
    • Goal setting
    • Market evaluation
    • Competitor analysis
    • Swot analysis
    • Cash flow evaluation
  • Operational Support:
    • Collaboration
    • Marketing
    • Distribution
    • Accounting
    • Quality Control
    • Logistics
  • Portal: exposure through Seeds of Africa Website, Facebook, Newsletter and the SOA Network
  • Provision of risk and interest free capital loans are given to the businesses on the basis of the business needs and on submission of a proposal. Important to note that seed capital is only offered to businesses performing with dedication and competency in managing their financial records, growing their profit and showing innovation.