The Micro-MBA Course (MBA – Managing Business Activities) is a highly effective modular competency-based course that has been used by more than 230 development organisations throughout Africa. The course was developed specifically in relation to the needs and abilities of people in the micro-business sector of the South African economy. There is no doubt that focusing on individuals is more effective than trying to work with production projects, but the Micro-MBA course has been effective in both paradigms.

I pledge my wholehearted support to you and your team and would like to help in your efforts to raise donor funding.
Yours sincerely
Nelson Mandela
Former President
I would like to commend you for your continued involvement in the plight of many of our brothers and sisters’ struggle for economic liberation. God Bless you!”
Desmond Tutu
Arch Bishop
“I think this is an appropriate moment in time to consider a grassroots approach which can uplift large numbers of landless, property-less, unemployed people by giving them a stake in the economy. The Micro-MBA has the programme and the infrastructure to facilitate this.”
Clem Sunter
Author of: “Never mind the Millennium. What about the next 24 hours.
“I urge all employers in South Africa to join the battle against unemployment and in this regard I wholeheartedly recommend the Micro-MBA. It is an amazing programme, which transforms the lives of people. It gives them hope and a ladder of opportunity so that they can climb out of the unemployment pit.”
Mrs Albertina Sisulu
Patron of Micro-MBA

Micro-MBA fulfils all the requirements for Unit Standard 14444 at NQF Level 1, with 7 credits.

The Micro-MBA is designed as a learner-driven, outcomes-based programme, where the learners work at their own pace through the 8 workbooks, writing the manual and the Business Plan for their own businesses.

This Course forms part of the “Incubation” Phase of our ED and ESD Program. Please refer to the Seeds of Change (SOC) Overview doc. regarding the details of the 3 Phases of our Program.

The programme begins with a 5-day, learner-driven course, based on a series of simple workbooks covering the basics of business management comprising the following modules:

  • Investigating the Market
  • Using a Calculator
  • Buying
  • Costing and Pricing
  • Selling
  • Writing a Business Plan
  • Money Management
  • Stock Control

The course, which is updated and improved at irregular intervals, is offered in three versions, i.e. Blue books for Traders, Green books for Producers and Red books for Service Providers.

A pack of training materials is provided to each learner to enable them to write their own business manuals, including a basic business plan. The course typically starts on a Monday morning and finishes on Thursday afternoon. The basic classroom experience of the Course is then followed by a three-month course specific mentoring programme, were each Learner is expected to meet with the Facilitator to ensure all aspects of the course are implemented in their businesses. Thereafter if all the criteria are met, the Learner graduates with a Micro-MBA certificate at a celebratory graduation ceremony. This methodology is not cast in stone, it is simply the most effective and efficient way that we have found to do things at present.

“This course is Brilliantly Simple and Simply Brilliant:

Over the years Seeds of Africa has seen tremendous growth and development in the entrepreneurs we’ve trained, strengthened by the wholistic support we’ve provided for them with our custom made mentorship, coaching and advisory services.

Combining our understanding of the entrepreneurs engagement and progress with a comprehensive annual impact study and bi-annual surveys that explore our entrepreneurs needs, challenges, suggestions and recommendations. These provide us with important quantitative and qualitative feedback that we use in directing our mentorship, coaching sessions and workshops.

All entrepreneurs attending our training have access to group and one on one personal development, finance, marketing and sales mentorship workshops, coaching sessions as well as business admin, legal and human resource advisory services.

When entrepreneurs require mentors in specific fields of business, National Mentorship Movement  has collaborated with Seeds of Africa to provide experienced  mentors with more specific business guidance.

The combination of training and Customised support is the key to unlocking not only our entrepreneurs’ individual strengths but also developing sustainable businesses that trigger job creation within the informal market.