The Seeds of Change Enterprise and Supplier Development Programme is an intervention aimed at growing sustainable businesses that seed new economic activity, create job opportunities and generate long-term value, resulting in local economic growth. This is achieved through a vigorous search and selection process, aligning the entrepreneur with one of the three stages of our programme; Incubation, Consolidation or Acceleration.  Each stage is specific to the entrepreneur’s development needs.  Our programme focusses on providing effective and impactful business skills training, mentorship & coaching and access to business services, markets and interest free seed capital.  The ultimate goal of our programme is to unlock shared value creating a win-win solution for our BBBEE Donors as well as for the Entrepreneurial Partner Businesses linking them into Supplier Chain Networks.

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  • Entrepreneur either attends Micro-MBA Basic Business Course or Siyazakhela Digital Business Literacy Programme
  • Monthly mentorship sessions
  • Access to group and one on one personal development, finance, marketing and sales workshops
  • Access to business admin, legal and human resource advisory services
  • Assess attitude, commitment & level of competency for inclusion in the consolidation stage

  • Consolidate and direct the Entrepreneur’s further growth & development through practical interventions identified as areas of growth
  • Enter into MOU with the entrepreneur to clearly define expectations from both parties
  • Focus on personal development, finance, marketing & sales mentorship
  • Access to business admin, legal and human resource advisory services
  • Access to interest free Seed Capital Loans

  • Focus on business development support growing turnover, access to finance, access to markets and job creation
  • Link Entrepreneurs with 3rdParty Top Level Development partners for funding and development at a higher level
  • Create greater networking opportunities