Our Vision

To support the development of successful, growing, independent, self-sustaining businesses, while building self-esteem, resilience, and grit.

Our Mission

To provide business skills development, services, insightful workshops, and mentorship to small businesses to allow them to become self-sustaining, independent businesses.

Servicing Businesses in Gauteng

Over the years Seeds of Africa has seen tremendous growth and development in the entrepreneurs we’ve trained, strengthened by the wholistic support we’ve provided for them with our custom made mentorship, coaching and advisory services. All entrepreneurs attending our training have access to group and one on one personal development, finance, marketing and sales mentorship workshops, coaching sessions as well as business admin, legal and human resource advisory services.

When entrepreneurs require mentors in specific fields of business, National Mentorship Movement  has collaborated with Seeds of Africa to provide experienced  mentors with more specific business guidance.

The combination of training and customised support is the key to unlocking not only our entrepreneurs’ individual strengths but also developing sustainable businesses that trigger job creation within the informal market.

Our Development Process

Incubation Phase

Entrepreneur either attends Micro-MBA Basic Business Course or Siyazakhela Digital Business Literacy Programme Monthly mentorship session Access to group and one on one personal development, finance, marketing and sales workshops Access to business admin, legal and human resource advisory services Assess attitude, commitment & level of competency for inclusion in the consolidation stage

Consolidation Phase

Consolidate and direct the Entrepreneur’s further growth & development through practical interventions identified as areas of growth Enter into MOU with the entrepreneur to clearly define expectations from both parties Focus on personal development, finance, marketing & sales mentorship Access to business admin, legal and human resource advisory services Access to interest free Seed Capital Loans

Acceleration Phase

  • Focus on business development support growing turnover, access to finance, access to markets and job creation
  • Link Entrepreneurs with 3rdParty Top Level Development partners for funding and development at a higher level
  • Create greater networking opportunities

Siyazakhela Digital Business Literacy and Life Skills Course

Siyazakhela allows entrepreneurs to create their own economic transformation by equipping them with the basic, necessary skills in foundation level business, entrepreneurship and life skills training. In doing so, we open up employment opportunities in South African townships, drive business literacy and contribute towards a thriving township ecosystem.

Micro MBA (Managing Business Administration)

The Micro-MBA Course (MBA – Managing Business Activities) is a highly effective modular competency-based course that has been used by more than 230 development organizations throughout Africa. The course was developed specifically concerning the needs and abilities of people in the micro-business sector of the South African economy. There is no doubt that focusing on individuals is more effective than trying to work with production projects, but the Micro-MBA course has been effective in both paradigms.


Vela Sikubone - A Day To Champion Entrepreneurs

Our Seeds of Change Program presents Vela Sikubone – A Day To Champion Entrepreneurs, a comprehensive and exciting event to showcase the Entrepreneurs we work with .
The event consists of educational games, mini-workshops, practical input, and motivation from the Seeds team and of course, the highly coveted 3-minute business pitch competition where the entrepreneurs have the opportunity to take home huge prizes.
Seeds Of Africa is always working hard in collaboration with entrepreneurs to plant the Seeds of Entrepreneurial growth and job creation.
“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day ,teach a man to fish you feed him for a lifetime”.
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Our Selection Process

  • Entrepreneurs submit application form which includes:
    • Overview of business;
    • Products / offering of the business
    • Market research
    • Basic competitor study
    • History of business – reasons for starting the business
    • Number of employees
    • Annual/monthly turnover & profit
    • Predicted/ target future profits
    • Aims/goals for the business
    • Key learning, development & potential areas of growth
    • What are the entrepreneurs expectations from the Seeds of Africa programme
    • Shortlisting identified businesess
    • Candidates attend an information session given detail on how the programme works where questions are answered
    • Candidates present their business pitch and are interviewed
    • Visit final shortlisted entrepreneurs at their business premises
    • Feasibility study and discussion on shortlisted businesses
    • Final selection of businesses